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Dioskury Pannakotta

She was born first and my kids named her "Cremanka" (from cream) because of her color, so it wasn't difficult to invite her official name Dioskury Pannacotta. Now I call her Pinky at home because in some light her color looks pinky.
She is obviously the bright personality and won't stay quietly at puppyhouse.
She wants to be where is action is, always the first. Perfectly on my lap, when she is on, it seems that she's got no bones - so soft and relaxed she is. She is very sweet and loves kisses. She is the fastest in litter and the last one to get tired.
I had some inquiries but warned that salukis can be destructive at young age... so she is still available and is looking for her best home. Delivery is not a problem.

Video with Pannakotta

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